Barefoot at South-Tec 2017

South-Tec 2017 is about to get underway and wow, what a show it will be. Barefoot has went all out and have a lot of great opportunities for you.  Whether your looking for CAM software,training, consulting wee have you covered. Come by Booth 2335 and see us.


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Mastercam 2018

Mastercam packs a whallup when it comes to CNC programming tools. If you wanna learn more about the toolpaths and how to apply them in your shop, stop by booth 2335 and let us work with you. Whether you are an existing customer with questions or new to Mastercam and just wanna know more, come by and see us.


Our industry is changing and so are the needs. Barefoot offers many levels of support training to our customers to ensure profitability.  Your shop may just need a standard 3 day training class to get up and going or maybe you need someone to contract program for you while you up to speed on a new machine or type of part. Most shops fall somewhere in between but I can tell you that each shop is different. Barefoot works with local colleges and contractors to meet the needs of our customers whatever they may be.

Building Tomorrow’s work force today

Barefoot CNC has been a driving force behind the Mastercam Certification Program and certified 10 new instructors this year in the colleges. We are also part of the NIMS advisory council and serve on their CAM Standards board. Barefoot is working to help develop training standards so employers can hire with confidence or train existing employees on new technology. Stop by and learn how you can benefit from hiring/training certified programmers.



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Make It In Burke – Brew and View

Barefoot will be participating on a panel Oct 24th at South-tec discussing how Burke County is taking the bull by the horns to help recruit and develop tomorrow’s workforce. Click here to attend Brew n View on Workforce Development

Barefoot CNC has always been a part of the community we serve. It is well known that Barefoot works with many different groups in order to push advanced manufacturing. One thing that I have noticed over the years is that while everyone is trying their best to solve issues in manufacturing such as finding good employees, everyone is working separately.

Here in Burke County, NC however BDI (Burke County Economic development group) has brought all thee different pieces together. They formed a workforce development committee comprised of k-12 schools, Western Piedmont Community College, Local industry and local government that is an absolute powerhouse.

Come learn how we are working together to address the current needs of industry as well as create tomorrow’s workforce by working with middle schoolers.

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Tell Us Your Manufacturing Story

If you ask, most people will tell you that manufacturing is the back bone of our economy. Most of the same people however would not recommend a career in manufacturing to their kids. Why? There’ is still a lot of misinformation about machining out there. I think I was blessed to be in machining and it has allowed me to chase my American dream.

I think the best way to get kids interested and dis spell all the wrong information out there is to share your story. Just a quick video on how you got into manufacturing and what that has allowed you to accomplish in life.

Stop by our booth (2335) at South-tec 2017  Oct24-26 and tell us your story or just give us a call.

Here is a snap shot of us playing around with some special effects 🙂


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Basics of Advanced 5 axis Control Functions

5 axis programming has always been seen as the holy grail of CNC programming. Once you become a 5 axis programmer, you are at the top of your game. Nowadays not only are mills 5 axis, but many lathes are 5 axis as well.

There are many different ways that controls can be set up so the same function on the same control can have two different behaviors requiring a different style of programming. The best way of doing this is to have a good test program and go through each operation on the machine. Last week Barefoot visited Forsythe Community College to test out the new machine with a fanuc 31I control on it.

5ax_discussAbove, Jason is discussing the parameters with Fanuc and Flint Machine to find out which type of coordinates to output.

In the past, you had to program from center of rotation. That meant either knowing the distance from tool tip or placing the part in “Machine” coordinates and if there are any changes to the program often meant going back to the CAM system and reprogramming.

Now most controls offer at least basic TCP (tool center point) functions and basic DWO (dynamic work offsets.) While this makes programming 5 axis a lot easier it is important to know that not all 5 axis functions work the same from machine to machine, even if the same control is used. Here’s the basics of TCP and DWO .

TCP works well on head/head, table/table and mixed type, head/table machines. The most common practice is for the CAM system to output coordinates relative to the part in top plane. If the part turns, the coordinate system turns with it. The control “tracks” the part as it turns keeping the zero point “pinned” to where you set it on the part. TCP is mostly used for 5 axis paths but can also be used for 3+2 paths.  When a machine is in TCP mode, it will move the tool along a theoretical straight line between points. If you are not used to using TCP this can cause unexpected moves.

DWO works with the different types of machines as well. Zero can be set on part just like TCP. When the part is rotated a plane is defined for the new part orientation. The difference is that while zero stays “pinned” to part, The coordinate system stays in top plane. DWO is used for 3+2 machining and drilling ops.

Set up this way, when using TCP the coordinates work as if the tool is moving around the part and coordinate system stays stationary. In DWO mode it’s as if the part is rotating around the zero point and tool stays in top plane. Depending on machine builder and options in control, this can be different so using the 5 axis test part is imperative.

5ax_test_part Utilizing a test part with 3+2, 5 axis and canned cycles will provide the needed information to determine how your machine/control is set up.

When setting up your new 5 axis the best way is to get on the machine and start testing. If you have any questions or want to know more, please email us.5ax_setup

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SME Recognizes Barefoot CNC at SouthTec 2015

Last October we had the privilege to work with SME, and to be a part of SouthTec, in Charlotte, NC. If you weren’t there, you missed out! This SouthTec did not disappoint! From the vendors to the terrific speakers at the show, the attendees walked out with new information about industry, and especially about Mastercam and what they can expect in 2016.



Thanks to SME, attendees were able to visit Barefoot CNC in not only our corporate booth, but also in the SME Bright Minds booth! It was a great way to showcase our hard work with the educational system, and our customers in industry! However, we were notified that jumping machines with our Harley may be a safety hazard during the show. We are hopeful that we will be jumping machines at the next SouthTec. Special thanks to Jeffrey’s Manufacturing for providing not only the machines, but the applications guys to lend a hand!



We are very humbled by the recognition from SME for the hard work and dedication by Jimmy Wakeford, and our team at Barefoot CNC. We look forward to future projects with SME in 2016! Thank you SME!




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Bridging the Skills Gap with Mastercam


January 19th 2016, a very diverse group of people came to Okuma’s Thinc Center in Charlotte NC to learn more about 5 axis programming. We do a lot of 5 axis training at Barefoot CNC but this one was different. The group of students were comprised of Okuma application guys, industrial customers and instructors from several community colleges around the Carolinas.


Performing the  training we had CNC Software/Mastercam, Learning Labs the educational Mastercam dealer and Barefoot CNC the industrial Mastercam dealer. It was a great class because we had input from all levels of Advanced Manufacturing. As a trainer, I saw how the instructors interacted with the industry guys. How the machine application guys worked with instructors.  Having the different types of customers in the same class gave us an opportunity to see how we could all work together better to create a better “work ready” student for industry.

On the last day we had a chance to take a tour of Okuma by Jeff Estes and got a glimpse of what is coming in Advanced Manufacturing.


With the commitment to continuous improvement by all involved we will close the sills gap 🙂

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Winner’s Circle – Barefoot CNC & Rowan-Cabarrus College Team Up to Machine Trophy for Stewart-Haas

jasonhaas2Barefoot CNC’s Jason Hill works to help connect education with industry. Hill teamed up with Rowan-Cabarrus Community College to machine this beautiful trophy for the 2014 Stewart-Haas Car Show. We’ve included a few pictures here, but you can see nearly the entire process, from design to machining, in the attached link. Check it out here:

Jasonhaas6JasonHaas4 Jasonhaas3  jasonhaas Jasonhaas5

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UMMF Gets ‘Dynamic’ to Get the Job Done in Hickory, NC

Tony Johnson and his team at UMMF show us how to 'Be Dynamic' with their newly-acquired Okuma VTM 2000-YB.

Tony Johnson and his team at UMMF show us how to ‘Be Dynamic’ with their newly-acquired Okuma VTM 2000-YB.

Tony Johnson and his team at United Machine and Metal Fabrication in Hickory, North Carolina definitely know how to ‘Be Dynamic.’

UMMF is a job shop that specifically caters to individual companies’ needs, and whether the task is large or small, Mastercam’s ‘Dynamic Motion’ Technology helps them get the job done with innovative toolpath advancements and drastically-reduced tool-wear. Tony and his crew make sure their machines, like the new Okuma VTM-2000YB pictured above, stay up-to-date on all the latest Mastercam software to ensure they maintain their competitive edge over the competition, and Barefoot CNC is proud to be part of that effort.

Are you ready to ‘Be Dynamic?’
Give us a call at 828-438-5038 and see what ‘Team Barefoot’ can do for you and your business.

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Read All About It – October Edition of Barefoot CNC’s “Footprints” Now Online

NewsletterHeader3The October Edition of “Footprints” – the Barefoot CNC Newsletter – is now online. Click the link below to check out all of the new online features, including our ‘Product Spotlights’ showcasing some of Mastercam X8’s most ‘Dynamic’ new advancements. Be sure to ‘Subscribe’ to keep up on all things ‘Barefoot.’  Don’t Be Out-Machined!

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Support: Barefoot CNC & Ashley Furniture Keep Making New Tracks

AshleyHeaderBarefoot CNC recently provided Mastercam and post support to our friends at Ashley Furniture in Davie County, North Carolina. From programming tips that increase productivity to in-house post modifications, the Barefoot Team was onsite to answer questions and provide solid solutions to core output issues – such as pointing to nesting to offer more yield. We appreciate the opportunity to assist Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. as they continue to grow as not only the largest furniture manufacturer in the United States, but also as the country’s number one furniture retailer. There are over 425 independently-owned Ashley Furniture HomeStores locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Japan, and Barefoot CNC is very honored to have them as our valued customers.

What can Barefoot CNC do for you today?

An Ashley Furniture programmer and operator load a dual table, four-head SCM machine to run a program. The machine uses  Xilog to run.

An Ashley Furniture programmer and operator load a dual table, four-head SCM machine to run a program. This particular machine uses Xilog to run.

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